Welcome to Bortolin Little Angels. We are privileged to be a part of bringing these beautiful Parti Yorkies into the world. We are Yorkie breeders that strive to preserve the excellence in the breed and deliver the finest AKC puppies around. If you are looking to add a member to your family and want something that is beautiful and will be a lifetime companion, we have the perfect little angel for you. We are a premier Yorkie and Parti Color Yorkie breeder. Breeding is not only our business, but is our passion. Our promise has been to breed the finest Yorkie puppies and that’s exactly what we have been doing. Since the very beginning we have bred our Yorkies from an owner’s standpoint not a business point. Starting out with a beloved family pet, we have grown to be a premier Parti Yorkie breeder.

A Yorkies small size and mild temperament makes for the perfect pint size pet. You don’t have to worry about losing a portion of your house or apartment to enjoy the company of dog. Yorkies are extremely trainable and their small sizes make them one of the easiest breeds to own. Parti Color Yorkies are among the rarest and most sought after breed of smaller dogs. With beautiful colorings and markings, these petite treasures are sure to be the perfect addition to your family. Yorkie breeders have to have an extreme attention to detail and a love for the breed that goes further than the wallet. We breed champions and great pets that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

Thank you for visiting our website. You will find great information on our kennel and the Partie Yorkie breed on our website. Please take a few moments and browse our site and the beautiful Yorkie puppies for sale. We look forward to hearing from you and having a member of our family become a member of yours.
Parti colored Yorkies 
"The Real Deal"
The rarest and most sought-after Yorkshire terriers in today’s market are the Parti Yorkies, due mainly to their unique coloring. The word "Parti" refers to any dog with more than one color; however, over the years it has basically became known as white, with spots or patches of particular colors. The Parti Color Yorkie first came on the scene in the 1800's, although the parent club at that time preferred the traditional colored Yorkies of today. As a result, the tiny Parti Colors were banished, or not accepted to be registered. These puppies were given away without papers or pedigrees. This remained their fate for over a century. In 1983 a Yorkshire terrier named "Rolls Royce Ashley" won best of show at Crufts, and was selected dog of the year. This stud dog went on to be become the patriarch of our exclusive line of AKC registered Parti Yorkies. Voluminous DNA-tracing has been done and Parti Yorkies are now fully accepted for registration. As of today, these Yorkies can compete in AKC obedience, but have not been accepted in confirmation. Mating the Parti Yorkie can be a bit confusing, due to the Parti gene being recessive. Both dam and sire MUST carry this gene to produce Parti color puppies. 
All puppies born to traditional Yorkies bred to a Parti will carry the Parti gene. 
On an average of 4 puppies you will get the following results:
Parti to Parti..................All Parti puppies 
Parti to Carrier..............2 Parti / 2 Carriers
Carrier to Carrier..........1 Parti / 3 carrier or traditional.
This is just an average; some litters may produce more or less Parti Yorkies than others. Yorkie Breeders of today register the puppies with at least 30% white on the puppy. Whether you are a breeder or just love this breed.....these are a "MUST HAVE!"
We have many beautiful Yorkie puppies for sale waiting for a good home. When do you want yours?
We are proud to say our foundation moms and dads have been purchased from the well known   
Sir Massimo
Sir Massimo, sire for our Parti Yorkies

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