About our Name

Natale Bortolin was born in a small town in Italy called Sacile. Natale decided to come to America in 1961 where he settled in and made his American dream come true. I met Natale in 1985 and about 13 years after we met, I purchased a little dog named


I originally bought Tootsie for my grandchildren to play with when they came over. But low and behold, Natale took control of that little dog. He would take that little Yorkie everywhere. Natale and Tootsie would go together to the Italian American club to play cards and bocce ball. That little dog would sit by his side and not move until it was time to come home. Natale always stopped for Campari before coming home and, of course, Tootsie would have a few licks of Campari also. Tootsie was so good that everyone knew her by name. When they finally came home they would eat dinner and then off they would go on the bicycle. Natale had a basket on the front of his bicycle for the dog to ride in. The Fire Department and the Police Department and all the locals knew him as “THE MAN AND HIS DOG”.

Natale and that dog were inseparable. But, as fate would have it, Tootsie got sick and died from a collapsed Trachea due to bad breeding.

I made a promise from then on to raise the best Parti Yorkies ever. We cried so much from the loss of TOOTSIE that one month after she had passed I went out and brought Sir Massimo home. Massimo helped a lot especially when Natale was unexpectedly diagnosed with lung cancer.

Natale is now in heaven taking care of Tootsie and I have Sir Massimo. I decided to carry on Natale’s name. 

Our dogs all have the name     "BORTOLIN"

The Kennel is called "Bortolin Little Angels"


“Natale Angleo” means Christmas Angel in Italian

December 26, 1939 - October 19, 2007
June 8, 1997 - August 11, 2006

Who would have known that this little dog would make Natale famous!
Natale Bortolin, parti yorkie devotee

History of Bortolin Little Angels

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