Flying Your Puppy?

Flying your puppy? No worries! we have flown puppies all over the U.S.A. without incident for years. We only fly them with my Puppy Nanny. She is WONDERFUL!  Your puppy is carried on board in a comfy soft-sided pet carrier at her feet, loved on & cuddled at all times, and cared for every step of the way!

During airport layovers, the nanny will take your puppy to a safe location so they may relieve themselves. This will usually be a family/companion restroom on a pee pad. They remain low key to avoid people gathering and wanting to pet and/or handle your puppy. Your puppy may already be a little shaken due to traveling, excessive handling is the last thing they need.

We generally fly the puppies around 8-9 weeks of age. The nanny will call you to discuss the price to bring your fur baby to you.
My nanny will also be contacting you approximately 5 days prior to the scheduled delivery with estimated delivery information. The actual time of arrival into your airport may change as to the available flights for her.

I don’t fly them cargo because I like to do what is best for the baby puppy and flying them with a nanny IS best!

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